Infrared Therapy

Infrared Therapy in Oregon

Infrared radiation is a type of electromagnetic waves emitted by heated objects. We cannot see infrared rays, but can feel their heat. Many people confuse the infrared range with harmful radiation but it is absolutely harmless and has actually beneficial healing effect.

Having accumulated the heat, tourmanium ceramic and nanodiamond tourmanium disks give it off slowly. These stones form rays with the wavelength of 10 microns, it is called the long wave heat, which corresponds to infrared radiation of a human body. The heat of other objects is superficial, therefore, the hot-water bottle or iron, which have shorter waves, just warm your skin up or can even burn it. The infrared rays of tourmanium admit to tissues, the cellules pass them without any resistance. They perceive such heat as native because it corresponds to a range of radiation of healthy cells. When an organism receives far-infrared radiation, metabolism starts to normalize, unhealthy reactions stop, whereas positive for health reactions get activated.

Speleotherapy is a respiratory therapy associated with breathing sodium chloride that has considerable benefits to health. In the ancient Asian countries, more than two thousand years ago, people noticed the curative effect of salt caves for people with health problems. Speleotherapy is a way of treatment for various diseases in the natural environment of a salt cave. It’s important to understand that the human body has to adapt to the new conditions before the benefit effect occurs. The duration of speleotherapy procedure varies between 2 to 9 hours, depending on the health condition. The optimal course of treatment is 15-20 procedures.

Beneficial Properties of Infrared Heating

Anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial effect
Improvement of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
Relieving of spasms in muscles and vessels
Normalization of blood pressure
Restoring the vessel walls
Improvement of blood formation
Reinforcement of the immune system
Improvement of metabolism

To achieve the maximum benefit with infrared therapy, we use tourmanium. It is the patented material designed and produced for Nuga Medical products exclusively. This type of ceramic emits Infrared Rays and has anti-bacterial, deodorant and purification functions. Combined with speleotherapy, infrared therapy guarantees the best effect!

The combination of both infrared heat of tourmaline ceramics and speleotherapy is effective in treating asthma, allergy, and other breathing problems apart from soothing irritated skin and restoring ionic balance within the body.

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