DOT Exams

DOT Exams in CA & Oregon

What are DOT exams?

DOT exams are physical examinations that determine whether or not you’re physically capable of safely driving your commercial or another safety-sensitive vehicle. Your DOT exam follows strict guidelines set up by the FMCSA and can only be conducted by licensed medical examiners like the team at Interstate Medical Group.

To maintain your commercial driver’s license (CDL), your DOT exam needs to be updated every 24 months, or sooner if you have a medical condition that benefits from regular medical monitoring, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

If it’s time for your DOT exam or you need to complete your DOT exam to get your CDL, contact Interstate Medical Group to schedule an appointment.

What do I need to bring to a DOT exam?

The team at Interstate Medical Group provides specific instructions on the items you need to bring to your DOT exam. If you’re missing any of the required items, the team may not issue your DOT certificate or may need to reschedule your exam.

The items you may need to bring to your DOT exam include:

Valid government-issued identification (driver’s license, passport)
List of medications and dosages
Name and addresses of all your doctors
Corrective eyewear (if needed)
Hearing aids (if needed)

If you have diabetes, the team may request that you provide a copy of your most recent hemoglobin A1C test. If you have a heart condition, they may ask that you bring in records from your cardiologist that provide information about your diagnosis, medical history, and medications, as well as a statement that indicates your condition won’t affect the safety of your work.

What Happens During DOT Exams?

Your DOT exam is a comprehensive evaluation, but you should not view it as an annual physical exam. During your exam, the team

Tests vision and hearing
Checks blood pressure and heart rate
Completes a urinalysis to check for health conditions such as diabetes
Conducts a full physical exam

After your exam, Interstate Medical Group issues your DOT certificate so you can obtain or renew your license. If you don’t pass your DOT exam, the team outlines the reasons why and provides recommendations on the steps you need to take to improve health and reduce safety risks, which may include medication to control health conditions such as diabetes, ophthalmological problems, or hearing deficits.

The FMCSA requires DOT exams. To schedule your exam, call Interstate Medical Group or request an appointment online today!

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