Experience Relief from Neuropathy: Discover Non-Invasive Treatment in Portland & Salem

Have you been grappling with the challenges of neuropathy? We’re here to extend a helping hand. If neuropathy pain has been a constant companion, know that you can find solace within our Portland and Salem, OR offices. Our commitment to healing neuropathy without surgery, injections, or risky medications stands firm. Our Littleton neuropathy treatment offers a non-invasive path to relief, with an impressive 98% of patients witnessing decreased neuropathy pain post-treatment.

Avenues of Relief: Unveiling Neuropathy and its Causes

Did you know that over 100 common triggers underlie neuropathy? Some of the prevailing culprits include:

Poor Metabolic Health
Autoimmune Factors
Chemical Exposure
Nerve Impingement
Kidney or Liver Disease

Defining Neuropathy: Understanding the Pain

Are you no stranger to numbing pain, tingling, or debilitating sensations? Neuropathy, essentially nerve degeneration in peripheral nerves, might be the root cause. This condition, often undiagnosed, plagues 20 million Americans. However, at our Portland and Salem offices, we offer an avenue to address neuropathy effectively, without resorting to drugs or surgery.

Mayo Clinic explains that peripheral neuropathy stems from nerve damage outside the brain and spinal cord, frequently resulting in weakness, numbness, and pain. Beyond these, it can also impact diverse bodily functions, including digestion, urination, and circulation.

Revolutionizing Neuropathy Treatment: Our Approach

At our Littleton neuropathy office, we adopt a scientific, 4-step protocol that rejuvenates nerves and reverses neuropathy symptoms by:

Boosting blood supply to affected nerves
Repairing and re-educating nerves for proper function
Enhancing blood flow in affected areas
Improving balance and mobility
Experience relief from neuropathy pain in our Littleton, CO office, complemented by at-home treatments.

Elevating Wellness: Unveiling Our Neuropathy Treatment

Our scientifically-proven, 4-step approach enhances blood flow to the nerve-affected areas, fostering natural nerve healing and potentially restoring normalcy, all without surgery or addictive medications. An independent study showcased an impressive 87% reduction in pain symptoms, with patients reporting a drop from 7.9 to 1 on the pain scale, free from adverse effects.

Are You an Ideal Candidate for Neuropathy Treatment in Portland & Salem?

Do your feet disturb your sleep?
Do stairs pose a challenge?
Is driving a struggle due to loss of pedal sensation?
Have pain medications provided minimal relief?
Is numbness, burning, or muscle weakness your reality?
If any of the above resonate, you’re an excellent candidate for neuropathy treatment in Portland & Salem, OR. Reach out today for a complimentary consultation.

Have you been experiencing peripheral nerve damage? Look out for the following symptoms:

Diabetic Nerve Pain
Sharp, Electric-Like Pain
Burning or Tingling
Muscle Weakness
Disrupted Sleep Due To Leg Or Foot Discomfort
Heightened Sensitivity to Touch
Pain During Walking or Regular Activities
Your journey towards renewed comfort and wellness starts here. Call or message our office today for a free consultation.

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