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Regain Your Freedom from Musculoskeletal Disorders: Trigger Point Injections Therapy

In the United States alone, approximately 23 million individuals, equivalent to about 10% of the population, suffer from chronic musculoskeletal disorders. Among these, myofascial pain syndrome stands out as a prevalent and excruciating muscle disorder caused by myofascial trigger points.

At Interstate Medical Group, located in Portland and Salem, Oregon, our dedicated team is committed to providing effective solutions for patients hailing from various communities across the Portland and Salem region. Through our specialized trigger point injections therapy, we offer a path to relief from myofascial pain, allowing you to reclaim your life and focus on what truly matters.

To delve deeper into the benefits of trigger point injections and explore how they can help you overcome myofascial pain, we invite you to get in touch with our office. Contact us today by phone or conveniently request an appointment online. Take the first step towards a pain-free future and regain your freedom to live life to the fullest.

Unraveling the Origins of Trigger Points: What Causes Their Development?

Trigger points, those minuscule knots nestled within the myofascial tissue enveloping your muscles, can inflict significant pain and discomfort. These active trigger points exhibit tenderness and sensitivity upon touch, and they often give rise to referred pain—a unique sensation that emanates from a distant area in relation to the trigger point itself. Described as persistent, regional pain that spreads or radiates, trigger point pain can be quite challenging.

Several factors contribute to the development of myofascial trigger points. They may arise following acute muscle trauma or a series of repetitive injuries. Additionally, a sedentary lifestyle or lack of regular exercise can be conducive to their formation. Sleep disorders, improper posture, and inadequate nutrition also play a role in the creation of these distressing trigger points.

Understanding the complex origins of trigger points empowers you to address them effectively. By identifying the underlying causes and seeking appropriate treatment, you can embark on a journey towards pain relief, improved well-being, and a revitalized life.

The Ripple Effect of Trigger Points: Impacting the Entire Body

The influence of trigger points extends beyond their localized presence, often leading to widespread discomfort and limiting your range of motion within the affected region. These troublesome knots can weaken the surrounding muscles, placing additional strain on unaffected areas as they strive to compensate for the resulting weakness.

The consequences of trigger points can manifest in various ways, including:

Muscle weakness:
The presence of trigger points can contribute to muscle weakness and diminished overall strength.
Radiating pain
The discomfort generated by trigger points can radiate to adjacent areas, creating a broader sense of pain and discomfort.
Poor posture
Trigger points can disrupt your natural posture, potentially leading to further complications such as:

Back pain: Trigger points in key muscle groups can contribute to chronic back pain.

Sciatica: Trigger points affecting the muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve may trigger sciatica symptoms, including pain, numbness, and tingling radiating down the leg.

Neck pain: Trigger points in the neck muscles can cause persistent neck pain and stiffness.

Jaw pain: Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain can be linked to trigger points in the muscles of the jaw.

Tension headaches: Trigger points in the head, neck, or shoulder muscles may contribute to the development of tension headaches.

Understanding how trigger points affect various areas of the body empowers you to seek appropriate treatment and regain control over your well-being. By addressing these trigger points, you can alleviate muscle weakness, reduce radiating pain, improve posture, and find relief from the associated discomfort, enabling a renewed sense of vitality and freedom.

Rediscover Lasting Relief: Unveiling Trigger Point Injection Therapy

While prescription muscle relaxers have traditionally been utilized to address myofascial trigger point pain, they offer only temporary respite and carry the risk of side effects. At Ultimate Health Medical Clinic, our commitment to safe, natural, and effective solutions that tackle the root cause of the problem has led us to offer trigger point injections—a transformative therapy providing long-lasting relief from severe trigger point pain.

Our quick and convenient in-office procedure begins with a comprehensive examination, enabling our skilled physicians to identify the precise locations and intensity of your trigger points. During the treatment, you can expect the following steps:

Targeted Cleansing
Your doctor cleanses the skin at the injection site meticulously, ensuring the prevention of infection.
Numbing for Comfort
If desired, a small amount of lidocaine—an anesthetic—is administered to numb the area, enhancing your comfort throughout the procedure.
Trigger Point Relaxation
With gentle tension applied to the skin, your doctor expertly administers an anesthetic mixture into the trigger point using a fine needle. This precise technique prompts the trigger point to relax and release tension.
Customized Care
Additional injections may be required if the trigger point does not respond adequately to the initial injection, ensuring comprehensive and tailored treatment.

Most patients experience immediate pain relief following trigger point injection therapy. To optimize your healing journey, it is crucial to keep your muscles active by diligently performing the recommended exercises and stretches. This proactive approach fosters optimal recovery, allowing you to reclaim a life free from the constraints of trigger point pain.

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