Nuga Medical Machine

Nuga Medical Machine

Multi-Function Therapy Equipment

Are you experiencing warning signs of serious health problems like headaches, dizziness, and pain? You don’t have to simply “live with it.” Interstate Medical Group offers a solution. Our Nuga Medical N5-1 is a unique device offering complex massage benefits that combine the most effective massage techniques. Nuga Medical N5-1 is intended for treatment of spine injuries to alleviate pain and numbness in the neck, back and waist. It can also alleviate symptoms of illnesses like arrythmia, headache, bellyache, hypertension, sexual dysfunction, and so on.

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How Does the Nuga Medical Machine Work?

The intended use of the Nuga Medical N5-1 is to provide a patient with muscle relaxation therapy by a soothing massage that has a topical heating effect. The tourmanium pad uses thermotherapy, crystal healing, and iontotherapy to produce results to enhance immune function and cellular activity. Types of massage our Nuga Medical N5-1 machine delivers include linear massage, massage of the neck and back, and hip and pelvic massage.

Some of the benefits of the Nuga Medical Machine include temporary relief of:
Temporary relief of stiffness
Temporary relief of muscle and joint pain
Temporary increase in local circulation where applied
Muscle relaxation
Immune system reinforcement
Advanced Technology for Maximal Pain Relief

At Interstate Medical Group, our approach to pain relief doesn’t rely on drugs or surgery. Rather, we utilize the most sophisticated technology available for lasting results, such as our Nuga Medical Machine. If you are interested in its benefits and whether the massager can help you, contact us for a consultation.

It prevents certain types of diseases associated with constant nervous tension, relieves trigger points and painful areas, relaxes tense muscles, reinforces functions of the immune system, gives a sense of tranquility and wellbeing. Try the natural healing effect of Nuga Medical massage!

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